Budmo! - Dimas Vodka - Ukrainian Vodka



Budmo (pronounced Bood – more) is at the heart of all Ukrainian celebrations and encompasses far more than just saying cheers.

Budmo means ‘let us be’ and is the shortest and the most popular Ukrainian toast.

Budmo is said to originate in Cossack times when the Cossacks would gather for a meal and each in turn had a chance to say “Budmo” followed by their wishes for their friends.

Ukrainians are earnest toastmasters, and a party is not a celebration without a series of toasts, which follow a strict hierarchy.

The first toast is usually proposed by the host, for the meeting (za zustrich). The second glass is usually raised for friends (za druziv). The third toast, for women (za zhinok), is given by men while standing.

The last toast of the evening is always “Na Konya!” (Literally translated as “on the horse”). It is the Ukrainian equivalent of ” one for the road” and comes from the time when the Cossacks would have had a last drink before galloping away.

Coupled with the famous pickle, Budmo is a key component of a true Ukrainian vodka experience .



Dima’s can be enjoyed either chilled or at room temperature. For sipping and food pairing, we recommend an ambient serve to maximise the notes and flavour. Both serves should be complemented with a pickle to complete the taste experience.



Fresh and rounded with Brazil nuts and rye bread, opening up further with aniseed freshness, then these notes meld together garnished by light spice and a biscuit note.


Silky mouthfeel that includes light sweetness soon grows carrying Brazil nuts and rye bread, followed by fresh, creamy aniseed with hints of vanilla, balanced by a subtle dryness, followed by a light spice and a cereal earthy sweetness.


Light dryness leads followed by sweetness and fresh, creamy aniseed, accompanied by nuttiness, light spice and a cereal earthy sweetness.