Budmo! Vodka Cocktails from Ukraine

Budmo! Vodka Cocktails from Ukraine

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We hope that you'll enjoy learning about different vodka cocktail recipes and making them alongside our videos, found via the QR codes dotted throughout the book. 

These recipes and tips alongside them have been carefully curated by acclaimed mixologist, Tony Pescatori, with amazing photos by Ersah Hancer. 

You will also get to learn more about the exciting Ukrainian bar scene as well as how to make pickles, the perfect vodka accompaniment, and how to make Ukrainian vodka infusions, nalyvkas. 

£5 from every book will go to support first aid kits for Ukraine.

Budmo and thank you for supporting Ukraine!


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Tasting our vodka

Dima’s can be enjoyed either chilled or at room temperature. For sipping and food pairing, we recommend an ambient serve to maximise the notes and flavour. Both serves should be complemented with a pickle to complete the taste experience.



Fresh and rounded with Brazil nuts and rye bread, opening up further with aniseed freshness, then these notes meld together garnished by light spice and a biscuit note.


Silky mouthfeel that includes light sweetness soon grows carrying Brazil nuts and rye bread, followed by fresh, creamy aniseed with hints of vanilla, balanced by a subtle dryness, followed by a light spice and a cereal earthy sweetness.


Light dryness leads followed by sweetness and fresh, creamy aniseed, accompanied by nuttiness, light spice and a cereal earthy sweetness.